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नमस्कार! Nomoskar! The Discoverer

हें ज़ाउन आसा उपेगकर्तो The Discoverer छें चर्चेचो पान, ज़ुईं तू The Discoverer -आक संदेस ढाडुंक शकताय आणि तेजेशीं भासाभास करूंक शकताय।
Hem pan zaun asa upegkarto The Discoverer chem charchecho pan, zhoim tujean The Discoverer -ak sondes dhadunk zata ani tejexim bhasabhas korunk zata.

हें ज़ाउन आसा उपेगकर्तो The Discoverer छें चर्चेचो पान, ज़ुईं तू The Discoverer -आक संदेस ढाडुंक शकताय आणि तेजेशीं भासाभास करूंक शकताय। Hem pan zaun asa upegkarto The Discoverer chem charchecho pan, zhoim tujean The Discoverer -ak sondes dhadunk zata ani tejexim bhasabhas korunk zata.

Dancer in Sari.jpg

----Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 04:26, 17 जुलय 2015 (IST)


Namaskar!! I have been contributing on Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Maithali and Fiji Hindi wikipedia, specially in sports section. I wish to contribute on konkani wikipedia too but my knowledge of language is basic. Sample of my work from punjabi wiki pa:ਮੈਨਚੈਸਟਰ ਯੂਨਾਈਟਡ ਫੁੱਟਬਾਲ ਕਲੱਬ and pa:ਓਲਡ ਟਰੈਫ਼ਡ.

I can create basic stubb pages with proper info box and references attached, please provide me translation of following lines

line 1(hindi)- मैनचेस्टर यूनाइटेड फुटबॉल क्लब, एक प्रसिद्ध अंग्रेजी फुटबॉल क्लब है, जो इंग्लैंड के मैनचेस्टर नगर, में स्थित है। इनका घरेलू मैदान ओल्ड ट्रैफर्ड है, वे वर्तमान में प्रीमियर लीग में खेलते है।

translation 1(Konkani in devnagri) - please write translation here

translation 1(Konkani in latin) - Manchester United Football Club, ek famad Inglez football club asa, zo Inglandatlea Manchester sharan asa. Trafford hem hanchem thollavem moidan, te sodheak Premier League kelltat.

line 2(hindi)- ओल्ड ट्रैफर्ड, यह इंग्लैंड के मैनचेस्टर नगर, में स्थित एक फुटबॉल स्टेडियम है। यह मैनचेस्टर यूनाइटेड फुटबॉल क्लब का घरेलू मैदान है, जिसमे ७५,००० लोगों के बैठने की क्षमता है।

translation 2(konkani in devnagri) - please write translation here

translation 2(Konkani in latin) - Old Trafford, he Inglandatlea Manchester sharan aslelem ek Football Stadium. He Manchester United Football Clubachem thollavem moidan asa, zatunt 75,000 lok bospachi xomta asa.

  • reference = Sondorbh
  • external links = Bhailim Zodni
  • विकिमीडिया कॉमन्स पर Manchester United से सम्बन्धित मीडिया है। = Wikimedia Commonsacher Manchester United vixim sombondhit prochar-madheom asa.
  • यह लेख एक आधार है। आप इसे बढ़ाकर विकिपीडिया की सहायता कर सकते हैं। = Ho lekh fokot ek adar asa, tumchean hea lekhak vadoun Wikipidiachi mozot korunk zata.
after creating every 5 pages, i will provide admin with list of images needed which admin can obtained from english or punjabi wikipedia and being admin they can upload it here (we are following same process on bhojpuri and maithali wiki were local admins are uploading pictures for me)...
hope my request will be considered and i will get a chance to work on this language with bi-scripts...please provide translation in both scripts...tnx...Sushilmishra (उलोवप) 13:15, 28 जून 2015 (IST)
please dont add dn to devnagri script pages, just create it as it is as it is not correct pattern of naming...simply make it normally...such process is being followed on serbo-croat wiki which too is bi-script....so please follow this pattern....cause you might add dn and other might add ro/la....so only create page with name need not add any prefix....tnx....Sushilmishra (उलोवप) 22:29, 29 जून 2015 (IST)
Thanks for your hard work in creating pages in many languages, Sushilmishra. Let me know if you need help in Latin script Konkani.The Discoverer (उलोवप) 22:38, 29 जून 2015 (IST)
oh yes i need your help here...i need a template to be translated... hi:साँचा:वार्ता शीर्षक but please in both script...no bias...have to be neutral....just add sufix dn for devnagri and la for latin script....Sushilmishra (उलोवप) 22:43, 29 जून 2015 (IST)
I'll do it, but not now.. maybe tomorrow. The Discoverer (उलोवप) 22:58, 29 जून 2015 (IST)
Sushilmishra, "sh" is written in Latin script Konkani as "x" The Discoverer (उलोवप) 23:13, 29 जून 2015 (IST)
वापरपी:Sushilmishra, it looks like you're using some Hindi tool for transliteration. Use http://konkanverter.com/conversion-tool/ It is not perfect, but better than what you are using now. Keep in mind that when a consonant does not have a vowel sign (maatra), then instead of "a" sound, in Konkani it is "o" sound, similar to Bengali and Gujrati. So in latin sometimes you have to type "o" instead of "a" accordingly. The Discoverer (उलोवप) 23:20, 29 जून 2015 (IST)
hmm i get it but let me finish a sample here then you can edit it and i ll follow it for future...Sushilmishra (उलोवप) 23:22, 29 जून 2015 (IST)

help 2[बदल]

i need your help in tranlation of 2 template

-tnx -- Sushilmishra (उलोवप) 15:49, 30 जून 2015 (IST)


It would be better to make the Konknni word as KONKANI. The word Konkani is used widely in Goa and also by the Mangalorean community. Konknni is mostly used for the people of the Konkan region ( Konknni Lok). Hence Konkani is the right word. The rest is correct. Dev borem korum User:Rosario Fernandes


mate check out what every you were trying to add to this cause i still cant find the tab in it....if its visible to you then ok or else i ll move to 1st version and will try some my own trial and error methods...if those works out then fine or else we have to use 1st version....Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 08:38, 16 जुलय 2015 (IST)

My last attempt also failed. You can go back to the original. What this code does is that it puts a drop-down box on the left side when the user is not logged in so that he can change the interface language. If you go back to the original and you are not logged in, you'll be able to see it ( hopefully :D ). Thanks for your help, mate! The Discoverer (uloi) 08:42, 16 जुलय 2015 (IST)
another note-you should have supported my appeal for image upload because via that i was intending to import 1000s of copyright templates because unless you dont have copyright templates you can have image upload rights for all...seriously i dont know why you did that....and now we have import right but no clue of what should be imported....i created mediawiki page for it everything was set up for it all we need here was image upload right to check and import those templates but you were you....seriously mate i am here to give this wiki from start up and you messed it up big time....you tried 5 attempts over there but you did not listened to my 1 proposal...this is bad on your part....great....congrats...i am damn upset about this....cause my intent was good.....Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 08:46, 16 जुलय 2015 (IST)
BTW check it now your tab is up and working(and your desired languages and not all)....need to have little calm and cool mate....you tried 5 attempts i kept my cool...i am trying to work here but i am not getting the support which i expected...my whole intent was to import those copyright templates as those were important and now i have to do it in a very long and length way...all tnx to you...great...you really cant imagine how i am feeling now...and i know you ll be rolling your eyes and saying wtf but mate tnx was messing up...Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 09:05, 16 जुलय 2015 (IST)
Sushilmishra, I'm really sorry that you had to face a lot of difficulties because I opposed the proposal. I never intended to cause you problems, because as far as I know, one can import all the templates without the need for image upload rights, just like pages can be imported. I don't understand exactly how not having rights to upload non-free media is an obstacle to import templates. Let me know if my support now for your proposal will be helpful for you. Also, in our discussion at the proposal, you only mentioned that you were interested to upload logos, you never said that if you don't have media upload rights it would hamper the import of templates. I understand it must have been frustrating for you.
Secondly, thanks for providing a solution for the language selector, and sorry that I made you copy the code many times.
The Discoverer (uloi) 19:15, 16 जुलय 2015 (IST)
i created basic drop downlist for image upload and each option in is auto assigned to a template as soon as i would have selected a template it would have show it in red which means it is unavailable and i would have imported it easily but now i have follow a length procedure and search for it and even after importing over 1600 templates i dont know if all required 1 were imported or not....those were act as source for target....but really mate you messed it big time....Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 00:11, 17 जुलय 2015 (IST)

help 3[बदल]

i have imported few pages you can find them in श्रेणी:Wp/gom, i need your help in editing few things in it...if you visit the page श्रेणी:Wp/gom then in section W you will find the pages which i imported, they have suffix wp/gom i want you to move those page to correct name ie remove wp/gom from their title....for doing it follow below instruction

  1. open each page
  2. (click on more/आनीक option --> then click on move in drop down list) or else (just press alt + shift + m)
  3. it will open new page
  4. it will show a section To new title in that present name of page will be displayed, edit that section and remove wp/gom from that name
  5. click move page
i hope you will do this please :-) .....Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 01:51, 26 जुलय 2015 (IST)
Ok I'll move the pages as and when I have the time. Thanks for importing. The Discoverer (uloi) 11:42, 27 जुलय 2015 (IST)
वापरपी:Sushilmishra, I found many pages beginning with Wp/gom were already existing without the Wp/gom (they had been imported earlier) so I have nominated them for deletion. Infact, there are many pages with Wp/gom that are redirects to the same title without Wp/gom. I think you can safely delete all redirect pages that begin with Wp/gom. The Discoverer (uloi) 22:00, 27 जुलय 2015 (IST)

BarnStar Honour[बदल]

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Discoverer ji, I honour you with Original Barnstar for your efforts towards gom.wikipedia. This is given to recognize particularly fine contributions to Wikipedia, to let people know that their hard work is seen and appreciated. gom.wikipedia needs more users like you, I hope you will contribute more on gom.wikipedia and earn more honours from other users too.--Sushilmishra (उलोयात) 17:07, 27 जुलय 2015 (IST)
Thanks a lot, Sushilmishra! The Discoverer (uloi) 22:01, 27 जुलय 2015 (IST)

BarnStar Honour[बदल]

Barnstar Barnstar Hires.png The Barnstar Barnstar
Discoverer ji, I honour you with The Barnstar Barnstar for your efforts towards gom.wikipedia. This is given to recognize Wikipedians who have contributed to Wikipedia by awarding barnstars. You are indirectly encouraging users to work more on gom.wikipedia by awarding them Barnstar, which is good act. gom.wikipedia needs more users like you, I hope you will contribute more on gom.wikipedia and earn more honours from other users too.--Sushilmishra (उलयात) 16:28, 11 ऑगस्ट 2015 (IST)

Thank you very much, Sushilmishra! The Discoverer (uloi) 00:00, 13 ऑगस्ट 2015 (IST)

For future[बदल]

Discover ji for future needs and responsibility which you might carry and for better implementation of rules and progress of gom.wiki i want you to please carefully go throught each and every topic in en:Template:Wikipedia policies and guidelines , please pay special attention to Content guidelines, Other content policies and Core content policies...i want you to be expert in these points for important future responsibility on gom.wiki

remember gom.wiki is no more an incubator project but a full fledge wikipedia which has to follow standards and rules of wiki foundation so that it can gain respect and be taken seriously by wiki foundation...Sushilmishra (उलयात) 20:14, 23 ऑगस्ट 2015 (IST)


Discoverer ji, my adminship will expire next month and before my term finishes i would like some 1 from konkani speaking community to become admin, it is my gut feeling that you can be a good admin and you are a native konkani speaker too, so if you are ready to shoulder this responsibility then i would like to nominate you for temperory adminship for 4 months

before you accept this responsibility please read all points in en:Template:Wikipedia policies and guidelines and please make sure by the time your admin term finishes you will nominate some 1 who is hardworking and deserving candidate as admin...i hope i will get a positive reply from you
further if you think there is any other candidate who can help you and share admin responsibility then please provide id --Sushilmishra (उलयात) 03:21, 11 सप्टेंबर 2015 (IST)
Sushilmishra, thank you for nominating me for adminship!
In the next 4 months I will be busy, and I will not be able to devote a lot of time to Wikipidia. Hence, I am not keen on becoming an admin now. Unless there is a real need and there is no admin, I may take up the role, just to do housekeeping and maintenance tasks.
Thanks and regards, The Discoverer (uloi) 23:13, 23 सप्टेंबर 2015 (IST)
hmm but still give it a thought, it will be a new experience for you...even i am going through a busy phase and for time being my contribution level is low...it would be good for gom.wiki to have a native konkani speaker as admin....Sushilmishra (उलयात) 08:33, 24 सप्टेंबर 2015 (IST)

Thank you[बदल]

for the assistance and guidance and also for working to make Konkani Wiki in par with other wikis Rosario Fernandes (उलयात) 00:25, 28 फेब्रुवारी 2016 (IST)