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MediaWiki message delivery (चर्चायोगदान)
Please translate this message if possible

We are extremely delighted to inform that the Wikimedia Foundation and CIS-A2K have come together in a partnership with Google to launch a pilot project Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program to address local online knowledge content gaps in India. In order to engage and support active Wikipedia volunteers to produce valuable new content in local Indian languages, we are conducting a needs assessment survey. The aim of this survey is to understand the needs of the Indic Wikimedia community and ascertaining their infrastructure requirements that we can fulfill during the course of this project.

Please help us by participating in the survey here.

Your opinion will help to make the program better. Kindly share this survey across your communities, user groups and network of fellow Indic Wikimedians. -- m:User:Titodutta, sent using

"Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program: Needs Assessment Survey" हाका जबाब दी
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