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Aiz Anv Bhair Sorlam Korunk Gainam[edit]

Aiz Anv Bhair Sorlam Korunk Gainam (Goenkari)

I have come out today to sing a song

Type: Mando

Source: F.X. Oliveira.

Lyrics and Music: F.X. Oliveira

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Narrative

Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa,

Aiz anv bhair sorlam korunk gaean,

I have come out today to sing a song,

Tumi aikat hem sintidan.

Please listen to it very carefully.

Tumi vhodd zaxeat tumchea xikpan,

You´all may be very learned people,

Zoddun man, onod, sonvsarant.

Earning fame and applause in this world,

Kiteak upkarot xikop tumchem,

What is the use of all your studies,

Zorui Maim-dhes tumi soddlem.

If you have left your mother-land.

Sezari heun tor bhurgeak poslolem,

If the neighbour can bring up your child,

(If you neighbour comes and adopts your child)

Nirbhag avoi bapaichem!

How unfortunate for parents.

Chusmo/ Refrain:

Visro naka ixtta,

Do not forget, my friend,

Tuzo Maim-dhes rauta,

Your motherland is waiting,

Sudarop korunk aplem,

To improve herself.

Bhair tuvem kitleim tor nanv zoddlem.

However famous you may be in a foreign country,

Goem tem Maim-dhes tujem!

Goa is your motherland!

Anga toxem tea amchea Goeam,

Here as well as in our Goa,

Goenkaram modem ekvott nam;

There is (will be) no unity among Goans,

Zorui tankam aiz konn pavonam,

If nobody comes to their aid today,

Rebekar vazounk duetam!

To play duets on a fiddle.

Torui asat vhodd sabar Goenkar,

Yet there are a great many Goans,

Sogllech mhunntat apunn liddar.

Who all say that they are leaders.

Chodd zatoch kuzner, kam'zata pirder,

Too many cooks spoil the broth,

Dista aiz Goeant poilear!

So it seems if one looks around Goa today.

Chusmo/ Refrain:

Kiteim kor tum ixtta, Goem soddi naka,

Whatever you do my friend, do not leave Goa,

Portugal nhoi-rê tuka,

Portugal is not for you.

Zaitem bhair zoddlem, bangarui mell'lem,

However much you may earn abroad, be it even gold,

Mellchem nam Goem tujem!

You will not get your Goa.

Soglleam vattani kapaz Goenkar,

Goans are smart in every field,

Oxem mandta sogllo sonvsar,

So believes the whole world.

Cinema chitrar distat uxar,

They look so smart on the cinema screen,

Gomta Amchem Noxib pollelear.

You can tell that if you watch the film "Amchem Noxib".

Punn noxiban nam tem mellonam,

You will not get what is not destined for you.

Goeam amchea sovostkai nam,

There is no happiness in our Goa.

Vhodd zalear xikpan, zoddlear pasun man,

You may be highly educated and even earn fame,

Kelear Maim-bhaxek opman.

(What is the use of it) If you have gone against your mother tongue.

Chusmo/ Refrain:

Inglez, Francez xiklear, Portugezui taslear,

If you study English, French and speak fluent Portuguese,

Latinm pasun uloilear,

Even if you speak Latin,

Tem tujem dhes, Goa, chint ixtta,

Always keep in mind that Goa is your motherland.

Konkani visro naka!

Do not forget Konkani.


Goemche Mandde



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