Angoun Amim Kelea (Khoxi Cararachi) - Mando

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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Angoun Amim Kelea (Khoxi Cararachi)[बदल]

We made a vow

Type: Mando

Source: J.A.A. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980).

Musical form: Ternary

Literary form: Monologue

Translated by Olivinho Gomes, (1943-),

Angoun amim kelea ti rê dogainim,

Both of us made that solemn vow,

Gofant dorun rhorleaum ami ducanim,

We wept our sorrows in each other´s lap,

Kalzam amchim gutlailelim chintnanim,

Our hearts were wrapped up in thought,

Duspot amchi keli kota amcheam gorcheanim.

But, alas! We were wrecked by our dear ones.

Chusmo/ Refrain:

Koxi cazarachi nidducai gorcheanchi,

Our desire for love, envy of our dear ones,

Birmot fut'toli tumcam amchea mogachi.

You will suffer the ill-effects of our love.

Amchim chintnam azun ublimnam,

Our thoughts did not yet vanish into thin air,

Rogtachim dukam amchim con'nem puslimnam,

None wiped our tears of blood,

Ekamecac segred amcho gomblo nam,

We did not fathom the secret in our hearts,

Devan amche churchure math pun kele nam.

God did not take pity on us at all.

Siole Sant Antoninchea mazar,

In Siolim, in St. Anthony´s Square,

Bass amim diloli zauncheac cazar,

We had pledged our troth to marry,

Donian Devac korun nomoscar,

Bowing in adoration to God, the Almighty,

Xirap gallun dorieachea larar sodtaumsuscar.

We curse the waves of the sea and sigh with pity.


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