Dogueo Tigueo Beatini - Dulpod

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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“Let’s keep the Goan tradition and culture alive, worldwide”[बदल]

Dogueo Tigueo Beatini[बदल]

Two-three old spinsters

Type: Dulpod

Source: Lourdinho Barreto. Goemchem Git. Pustok 2,

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Satire

Translated by: Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Ilhas, Goa, 26.05.2005


Dogueo, tigueo beatini,

Two-three old spinsters,

Gueleo kum(u)sarak. (bis)

Have gone for confessions.

Ekli kori ters(u) rozar(u),

One was reciting the rosary,

Dusri kori orasanv mental(u),

The other was saying prayers mentally,

Tisri mari odd´ear

The third was striking her breast

Dumkeanche far(u). (Chusmo/Refrain)

Striking loud blows.

Eklen add´llo mannsacho kopo,

One brought a piece of rice cake,

Dusren add´lo bol(u) poderalo,

The other brought a baker´s cake,

Tisren addlo xeuntto

The third brought a mullet

Rechear kelolo. (Chusmo/Refrain)

That was fried with stuffed spices.

Padigar ghara nhui re ghel´lo,

The parish priest had gone home, Sir

Taguelo papa mornant aslo.

His father was on his death bed.

Xeuntto addol´padkuran

The mullet that was brought

Ekleanuch khailo.

Was eaten by his assistant priest, alone. (Chusmo/Refrain)


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