Kazoll Kukumm Mannyka Pannim - Dekhni

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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“Let’s keep the Goan tradition and culture alive, worldwide”[बदल]

Kazoll Kukumm Mannyka Pannim[बदल]

Lampblack, vermillion, jewel water

Type: Deknni

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Comment on Social Injustice

Translated by José Pereira

Kazoll kumkumm mannyka (mannikachem) pannim,

Lampblack, vermillion (kukumm), jewel water,

Bancu rigla motianim.

The stool encrusted with gems.

E gorachi riti fotti,

The ways of this house are wicked.

Nanvan vosnam dormanchi.

I will not go there for religion's reason.

Gounllea' gara geloly (gelole) korhen (kodden),

I went to the cowherd's house,

Tannom lagli dudachi.

And there felt like (having) a drink of milk.

Etonn' (etonnom) oitonn (oitonnom) moskory' kortam,

I make fun when I come and go,

Moskory' nuim rê kamanchi.

And quite pointless jokes they are.

Gonçalo babu tiketty zala.

Young Gonçalo has become (…),

Don kalliz toru.

Keeping his heart firm.

Rê randdgea nam tuk' ed baru.

Have you no care at all, you rascal.





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