कोंकणी म्हणी

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  • हाथाचे कांकणाक हारसो कित्याक जाय? -

Things which are evident don't need proof.

  • चकरी केल्यार बकरी मेळता. -

Hardwork leads to success.

  • कुमाराक मडकी धड ना. -

Sometimes even the producer lacks the item he produces.

  • हांडेर आसा चेडो, सगळ्याक सोधता वाडो. -

Even when the things we want are present with us, we try to find it everywhere else.

  • खाखेंत कोळसो, गावांत वळसो. -

Looking for things externally when they are present internally within us.

  • हातुर्ण पळोवन पांय पसरचे.

One should spend within one's limits.

  • स्वताचे रगत काळखांतुय वळखतात.

One realizes one's losses even in bad circumstances.

  • आवय पळोवन धुव व्हर, दूध पळोवन म्हस व्हर.

One should get a object only after thoroughly checking its quality.

  • चार दिस मायेचे, चार दिस सुनेचे.

Nothing is perment in this temporary life; 2nd meaning: Anything that rises must experience fall someday.

  • शिता आदि मीठ गीळुनाका./ शिताचे फुडे मीठ खायनाका.

Don't think of the future when the present is awaiting for you.

  • फेस्त करता गांव, प्रेसीदेंतीचे नाव.

Many people contribute to complete any important job but only the leader gets the credit.

  • जोर रडता पेजेक.

One must eat bland and nourishing foods during sickness.

  • पानवेली निमित्यान मास्काक उदक.

Giving someone a special treatment just beacause of somebody else's presence.

  • नाचुंक येना, आंगण वाकडें.

Blaming something/ someone else for one's own disability.

  • हुन जेवणाक रूच नाका, गोऱ्याक रूप नाका.

Major qualities of a person outshines his/her minor defects.

  • आपलेच दांत आनी आपलेच हो व्होठ.

One doesn't shout at oneself for one's own mistakes.

  • जिभेक हाड नासप.

A statement said to a person who talks vulgurly.

  • ऋण काडचे आदिग्रस्ताचे, अडेग्रस्ताचे न्हय.

For any guidance or help, approach a humble and experienced person rather than a inexperienced one who will be a snob.

  • सगळें जें चकचकता तें भांगर नास्ता.

Everything that glitters is not gold.

  • उमते कोळशार उदक.
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