हुपून वचात: दिशा-नियंत्रण, सोद

ह्या फळ्या वीशीं

Ho zaun asa Wikipediacho Tinto! Hangasor akhea somudaien Wikipedia vixim bhasabhas korunk zata.

हो जावन आसा विकिपीडियाचो टींटो! हांगासर आख्या समुदायेन विकिपीडिया विशीं भासाभास करुंक जाता।

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Breogan2008 (चर्चायोगदान)

Wikipedia:Galicia 15 - 15 Challenge is a public writing competition which will improve improve and translate this list of 15 really important articles into as many languages as possible. Everybody can help in any language to collaborate on writing and/or translating articles related to Galicia. To participate you just need to sign up here. Thank you very much.--~~~~

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The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)

I have changed the layout of the main page a bit, by introducing 'Featured article' and 'Featured picture' sections. Do let me know if you have any feedback regarding this. Please also suggest how we can call 'Featured article' and 'Featured picture' in Konkani.

Hanvem Mukhel panak thoddem bodol'la, ani tantun 'Featured article' ani 'Featured picture' khond zoddlam. Hachem vixim tumchem kitem mot zaun asa tem mhaka sangchem. 'Featured article' ani 'Featured picture', hanka Konknnint kitem mhonnchem tem-ui sangat mhunn magta.

हांवें मुखेल पानाक थडें बदल्ला, आनी तांतून 'Featured article' आनी 'Featured picture' खंद जडलां. हाचें विशीं तुमचें कितें मत जावन आसा तें म्हाका सांगचें. 'Featured article' आनी 'Featured picture', हांका कोंकणिंत कितें म्हणचें तें-ऊय सांगात म्हूण माग्ता.

The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)
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सेंट झेवियर्स महाविद्यालय, कोंकणी विकिपीडिया कार्यशाळा २६,२७,२८ फेब्रुवारी २०१८

John Noronha (चर्चायोगदान)

हांगा फाटल्या दोन दीस भुरग्यांनी नवें लेख घातल्यात, पूण तांचो आंकडो मुखेल पानांचेर आजून बदलूंक नात.New Articles are been uploaded in Konkani Wikipedia but thier updates are not been shown on Main Page. Why?

The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)

Wikipedian panani zoddnni aslear-uch tenka lekh mhunn meztat.

That is because the new pages do not have any links in them to other pages. The Wikipedia software does not count pages which are created as articles unless they contain a link to another page.

Create a link in any new page to another page in Wikipedia, and you will see that the count increases on the Main Page.

The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)
The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)

That's why it is important to create links in the articles to other pages.

"सेंट झेवियर्स महाविद्यालय, कोंकणी विकिपीडिया कार्यशाळा २६,२७,२८ फेब्रुवारी २०१८" हाका जबाब दी
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Please translate the message to your language, if applicable

We are happy to inform you that a national level Wikidata editing campaign "IMLD-ODD 2018 Wikidata India Edit-a-thon" on content related to India is being organized from from 21 February 2018 to 3 March 2018. This edit-a-thon marks International Mother Language Day and Open Data Day.

Please learn more about this event: here.
Please consider participating in the event, by joining here.
You may get a list of suggested items to work on here.

Please let us know if you have question. -- Titodutta using

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"https://gom.wikipedia.org/wiki/विकिपीडिया:Tinto" चे कडल्यान परतून मेळयलें