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Konknni mogi 24 is my pen name.It means LOVER OF KONKNNI. I love to work for konknni. I want to contribute for the betterment of konknni. Wikipedia is the best opportunity to provide my service to konknni. I have a dream to take konknni on a greater height.Name
Fr. Luis Xavier Gomes: (Konknni mogi 24)
Address: House Number, 583, Karai Shiroda, Ponda Goa, 403 103
Educational Qualification: B. com, M.A in Konkani.
Vocation: Priest .

Profession: Assistant Professor at St. Xavier's College Mapusa.


  1. “Boddvo Iadnik” (Biography of Blessed Joseph Vaz, 2010)
  2. “Loklokit Kirnnam” (A collection of Poems, 2011)
  3. "Kampinnkar" (A Biography of St. Francis Xavier,2014)
  4. Bhoddvo Yadnik (second edition 2015)
  5. Konknni Tujea Moga Khatir (a collection of poems in devnagri,2015)

Translation Work[बदल]

  1. Sod vavr pod’doti ani prokriya (A research project of Konkani Saraspat Mandal, Konkani Department, Goa University)
  2. “Amchem Xorir ek oprub Yontr” (A Child Literature project by Konkani Bhasha Mandal)


  1. “Dixa” a book for post confirmation students, published by Rachol Seminary, 2007.
  2. “Vedi Seva” a book for Altar Servers, published by Rachol Seminary, 2008.
  3. “ Samixankur” a compilation of research articles, worked as a joint editor with Prof. Priyadarshani Tadkodar and Prof. Madhavi Sardesai (2013)
  4. “ Komryo” a collection of Poems, worked as joint editor with Prof. Priyadarshani Tadkodar and Prof. Madhavi Sardesai (2013)
  5. “Amcho Sevadhorm” a liturgical magazine of Archdiocese of Goa, worked as an editor for two years (2010 – 2012)
  6. "Konknni Opari" (Konkani Proverbs) worked as a joint editor with Fr. Aploinario Cardozo and Pandurang Faldessai, published by Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (2015)

Other Writtings[बदल]

  • writes for Sod - research magazine in Konknni, publication of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Porvorim Goa.
  • Contributes for “Jag” - a magazine in Konkani
  • Writes for Sunaprant - a daily in Konkani
  • Pens Poem for Amcho Avaz - a weekly in Romi Konknni
  • Contributes for Vavraddeacho Ixtt and other Church bulletins

All India Radio[बदल]

  • “ Argam Tuka Somia” Preaches for this Channel
  • Participated “All India Poets Conference” 2013
  • Some of the songs are aired on All India Radio


  • “Fanklo Uzvadd” released Audio CD of Devotional Songs
  • “Goenchim Natalam” released Audio CD of Christmas Carols
  • Participated for Manddo competition awarded 3 times best lyrics prizes
  • Contributed songs for two tiatrs namely Kallokhi Surya and Povitr Pustok.

Papers presented[बदल]

  • Research on “Tiatr”(Konkani Drama)presented at Goa University, Konkani Department 2014
  • “Konknnicho Fuddar Tornatteacheam Hatant” (Future of Konknni is in the hands of Youth) for Goa Konkani Academy 2012.
  • “Kristanv Ghorabeantlo Somaz” (on Konknni novel)for Rachol Seminary 2012.
  • “Hovyantlean Verse” (traditional songs during wedding) presented at Goa University, Konkani Department 2014.
  • Dhangar Somazachi Vatt Chal” (Dhangar community of Goa) presented at Goa University, Konkani Department 2013.
  • Tiatrantli Osturi ( How Women is projected into Konknni Drama) Presented paper at Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr 2014
  • Konkani Kadomborintli Osturi(Women in Konkani Novels)presented at St. Xaviers College, for national Conference,March 2015.

Work Experience[बदल]

Serves as an Ambassador (August 2013) Conducts Seminars to promote Konkani Wikipedia. Worked as joint secretary for 15th Yuva Konkani sahitya sammelan (Youth Literary Conference) 2014. worked as coordinator for 20th Yuva Mahotsav (Youth Festival) 2015. worked as advisor for Kokonvater- Konknni script transliterator works as teacher at Our Lady Saligao Seminary since 2014.


  1. Yuva Chaitanya Puroskar by Goa Konkani Academy, 2013.
  2. Gold Medalist for M.A. in konkani, Goa University, 2014.
  3. Konkani Bhasha Mandal Xokxonnik Puroskar,2014.
  4. Fr. Nicolau Pereira Yadostik Puroskar-2014, by Vavraddeancho Ixtt, Pilar Goa.
  5. Dalgado Tornatto Puroskar 2014, by Dalgado Konknni Academy, Panjim Goa.

Special Achievements[बदल]

  • Three times awarded “Best Lyrics” of Manddo competition, organised by Kala Academy Goa.
  • Got second place for Essay competition organised by Dalgado Konknni Academy.
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