विकिपीडिया:New article quick guide

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This page aims to provide a list of things to take into account while creating a new article on the Konkani Wikipedia. The points mentioned here could also be used to improve existing articles.

Search for an existing article[बदल]

It is recommended to search for the name of the article you wish to create first, as there may already be an article on the same topic on Wikipedia, with a slightly different name. If you find such an article, you can expand and improve that article, rather than having to start from scratch.

Gather references[बदल]

Everything on Wikipedia must be verifiable, that means, it should be mentioned in reliable sources. Therefore, a good first step is to gather references from which you can take content that you can rewrite in your own words to create the article. Doing this also establishes that the topic is notable enough to be included in Wikipedia. For more information on what constitutes a reliable source, see en:Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources

For more information, see Wikipedia:Verifiability

Include links to other Wikipedia pages[बदल]

Wikilinks, or links to other Wikipedia articles make Wikipedia usable and fun. They help people find information about other topics quickly, but they are also important because they affect the page recognition in Wikipedia. The Wikipedia software recognises a Wikipedia page as a content page only if it contains at least one blue link to another Wikipedia page. Pages which do not have links to other pages are known as 'dead-end pages' and they are not included in the page count of the Wikipedia. Wikilinks can be created by enclosing a word or phrase in square brackets ([[ and ]]).

Add images[बदल]

Adding images to an article makes it more appealing and informative. You can search for suitable images on [commons.wikimedia.org Wikimedia Commons]. These images can be added to your article by using code like: [[File:image_filename.jpg|thumb|caption]] .

Include an infobox[बदल]

An infobox is a template on the upper right corner that provides important information related to the topic in a concise manner. At present, the Konkani Wikipedia is limited in terms of the Infoboxes available. When a suitable infobox is available, include it in your article. If not, then you can ask other Wikipedians if they could help you create one.

Categorise your page[बदल]

Categories help to organise the information available in Wikipedia. You can easily add your page to a category by adding [[Category:category name]] at the bottom of the page.

Use the lipi template to link to the corresponding page in another script[बदल]

A salient feature of the Konkani Wikipedia is that it is a multi-script Wikipedia and contains articles in the Devanagari, Romi and Kannada scripts. Help others find the corresponding page in other scripts by using the lipi template (lipi means script).

For example, using it with कोंकणी भास on the Devanagari page:

{{ lipi | . | Konknni bhas | ಕೊಂಕ್ಣಿ ಭಾಸ್ }}

The output of the above code is as follows:


Similarly, this is how it would be used on the Romi page:

{{ lipi | कोंकणी भास | . | ಕೊಂಕ್ಣಿ ಭಾಸ್ }}



In this way, a connection will be established with the corresponding pages on the same topic written in various scripts.

Create links from other Wikipedia pages[बदल]

This is something that can be done after creating your page. Create links to your new page from other articles to help others find your page. An article that has few or no other articles linking to it is known as an 'orphaned article'.

Create interwiki links[बदल]

This is also something that is to be done after your page is created. You can link an article to articles o the same topic in Wikipedias in other languages by clicking on a link labelled 'Add links', 'Her bhasank zod' or 'हेर भासांक जोड'. This helps increase the visibility of the Konkani Wikpedia, and helps readers of the Konkani Wikipedia find information in other languages.

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