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This template resolves page names as they would be handled by MediaWiki's template-transclusion process. It thereby removes ambiguity when doing other things with template pagenames, e.g. linking.

Key usage is in navboxes' view, discuss, edit (v,d,e) menu.


  • {{transclude| Template:Foo }}सांचो:Foo
  • {{transclude| Category:Foo }}वर्ग:Foo
  • {{transclude| Foo }}Template:Foo
  • {{transclude| :Foo }}Foo
  • {{transclude| :File:Foo }}फायल:Foo

See also[बदल]

"https://gom.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=सांचो:Transclude/doc&oldid=52560" चे कडल्यान परतून मेळयलें