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The default behaviour of this template is to present a string "Wikisource has original text related to this article:" with a link to a page on Wikisource with the same name as the Wikipedia page.

This template takes up to two optional parameters which will alter the page name used to link to Wikisource.

  • {{Wikisource|alternative page link|different name, if desired}}

Since there is no Konkani Wikisource, the link redirects to the English Wikisource. If you want it to point to the old Wikisource (wikisource.org), then use the parameter old=y

  • {{Wikisource|alternative page link|different name, if desired|old=y}}


{{Wikisource|1=Leaves of Grass/Book XVII|2=name for Leaves of Grass}}


{{Wikisource|1=Leaves of Grass/Book XVII#To You|2=name for Leaves of Grass To You}}



Square brackets – [ ][बदल]

  • You cannot use square brackets ("[" and "]") in the first parameter.

{{Wikisource|1=Leaves of Grass/Book XVII#Year of Meteors [1859-60]|2=name for Leaves of Grass Year of Meteors [1859-60]}}


To resolve this, use "[" and "]" instead:
{{Wikisource|1=Leaves of Grass/Book XVII#Year of Meteors [1859-60]|2=name for Leaves of Grass Year of Meteors [1859-60]}}


English only[बदल]

For foreign language Wikisources use: {{Wikisourcelang}}

example: {{Wikisourcelang|fr|Du contrat social}} gives



This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Wikisource

Creates a small box with a links to a document at Wikisource.

Template parameters

Page name1

The document name on Wikisource. The article's page name is used as a default. Square brackets <tt>&#91;</tt> and <tt>&#93;</tt> need to be coded as <tt>&amp;#91;</tt> and <tt>&amp;#93;</tt> instead.

Displayed name2

Optional displayed link text.


See also[बदल]

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