Amkam Meuliai Beatinnim - Mando

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान

Amkam Meuliai Beatinnim[बदल]

We have met some middle-aged spinsters

Type: Mando

Lyrics and Music: Arnaldo de Menezes (1863-1917)

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Narrative

Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa,

Amkam meuliai beatinnim,

We have met some middle-aged spinsters,

Distai saibinnicheo boinnim,

They look like sisters of the Blessed Lady.

Deucharacheo sangatinnim,

They are actually companions of the devil.

Sonvsar attapila tannim.

They have the world in their web.

Estribilho /Refrain:

Vichnunche bhaxen gunno tancho,

Their character is like that of a scorpion,

Sogllo sonvsar ulttun portuncho.

To turn the world upside down.

Sarkem dakhoitai anjeanchem,

They behave like angels,

Formo gheuno deucharachem,

In the guise of a devil.

Farsanchem ulounnem mu'rê tanchem,

Their talk is so sweet,

Choleanche toklek laichako pixem.

Which even makes young men go crazy.

Kudd dilea tanni marvako,

The body has been given to a man,

Atmo dhovorla deucharako,

And the soul has been kept for a devil.

He te kumsodoriche burak,

The holes of the confessional,

Zoroitai bulichea patkako.

Are worn out for the sin of deception.


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