Anjo Mhunn Tum Sorgincho (Anjo Tum Sorgincho) - Mando

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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Anjo Mhunn Tum Sorgincho (Anjo Tum Sorgincho)[बदल]

Because you are an angel from heaven

Type: Mando

Source: F.X. Oliveira. Gitam Jhelo.

Musical form: Ternary

Literary form: Monologue (Nuptial Song)

Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa

Anjo mhunn tum sorgincho,

Because you are an angel from heaven,

Uzvadd poddlo noketrancho.

The world was lit with the light of stars.

Amcho môgu ektthaim korcho,

May our love be joined together,

Kazrach' sakramento zoddcho.

May we blessed with the sacrament of marriage.

Chusmo/ Refrain:

Nozo, nozo-rê mojean,

I cannot live without you,

Tuje vinnem sonvsar tannum nozo.

I do not want to be in this world without you.

Muzo gutt sanglolo tuka,

I have confided to you my secret,

Responder kelem naim maka.

You did not send me any reply.

Tuje vinn konn naim-rê moga,

There is no one else for me, but you, my love,

Sonvs'rant feliz kortol' maka. (Chusmo)

To make me happy in this world. (Refrain)

Dolleanch maulli mhunnon moji,

Dimbier adorar keloli ...

I had adored it on my knees.

Gonnim porim uddon geli,

It flew off like an eagle,

Dukhan ghalun otmo-kuddi. (Chusmo)

Plunging my soul and body in deep sorrow. (Refrain)


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