Aurora Sobina Mojem Naum - Mando

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान

Aurora Sobina Mojem Nãum[बदल]

Aurora Sobina (Sabina) is my name

Type: Mando

Source: J.A.A. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980).

Date: After 1910

Musical form: Ternary

Literary form: Dialogue

Translated by António Vicente de Noronha

Aurora Sobina mojem nãum,

Aurora Sobina is my name,

Cõungôti mestanchea vaddear famad ãum.

I am well known in Calangute Mestavaddo.

Africac vossunc bairo sorlim ãum,

I left home and went on a voyage to Africa,

Abgotir mestac bulolim ãum.

I got crazy about a cook on the ship.

Chusmo/ Refrain:

Naca, naca, naca,

Don't, don't, don't,

Mojea pôtic sangum naca.

Don't tell it to my husband.

Africachea carantinanto,

In a canteen in Africa,

Goincaranim dilo iôco danso.

The Goans organized a dance.

August cumparichea mogac lagunum,

Because of my love for August, my lover (cumpar),

Main maca dadlem nam nachunco. (Chusmo)

My mother refused to let me go for the dance. (Refrain)

Aurora Sobina mojea manca,

Aurora Sobina, my love (lit. gem),

Tum mojea calzachea gondea.

You, the bud (unblossomed flower) of my heart.

Põtin sandlear tuka, cainch tum bieunaca.

If your husband does happen to leave you, don't be afraid.

Republican[11] pôtin cortolom tuka. (Chusmo)

I shall marry you in the Republic (Portugal?) (Refrain)


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