Kallke Ratintli - Gaion

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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Madonna by Filippo Lippi, an example of Marian art
Kallke Ratintli - Gaion ( 2 )
Kallke Ratintli - Gaion
Kallke Ratintli - Gaion

Kallke Ratintli - Gaion[बदल]

Kallkê ratintli

From the dark night

Type: Hymn

Source: Gaionacho Jhelo, 1995 edition, T-20, p. 212

Lyrics: Vasco do Rego, Panaji, Ilhas, Goa


Version 1: Maurelio Cotta, Margão, Salcete, Goa

Version 2: Bernardo Cota, Santa Cruz, Ilhas, Goa

Version 3: Rosario N. Fernandes

Publisher: Goychi Sevadhormik Somoti (Pastoral Institute), Old Goa, Goa 403 402

Translated by: Alfred Noronha, Pandavaddo, Chorão, Goa 403 102. August 2005

Kallkê ratintli

fantea porim tum,

Like the dawn

which follows the dark night,

Mariê, udetai!

You rise, O Mary!

Akhê prithvecher

suria vori tum,

You are like the sun of all creation,

Ranniê, pozolltai!

You are dazzling beauty, Oh Queen!

Dhumpa vori tum

Like the incense

tujeam gunnancho

domdom ximpddaitai!

you spread the scent of your virtues, all over!

Tujeam pãiam-xim

At your feet

pormôll zaiancho

the scent of Jasmin flowers,

soglleak pavoitai!

it spread all over!

Choli Bapachi,

Father´s daughter,

Avoi Putachi,

Mother of the Son,

Potinn Atmeachi!

Bride of the Holy Spirit!

Ankvar Mai amchi,

our Virgin Mother,

patkiam mon´xanchi,

of us sinners,

Somia Jezuchi!

and Jesus, our Lord!

Doiall Xeratinn,

Compassionate, submissive,

bollixtt Askarinn,

strong Protector,

amchi Saibinn Tum!

You are, Our Lady!

Dulob Sangatinn,

Pious companion,

mogall Adarinn,

loving helper,

amchi ranni Tum!

You are our Queen!


From God´s garden,

vichitr rongachem

you are a rare coloured,

sundor chomoll tum!

beautiful lotus!


prithver denvlolem

ut´tom´ Dennem tum!

You are the precious gift which descended from Heaven!


From the earthly farm,

borfa-von dhovem

whiter than snow,

konel pormollit!

fragrant oleander,


from the pond of loam.

nirmoll upzol´lem

komol bhov sobit!

emerged such a pure, beautiful lotus!


Ankvar Mariechea Manak Gaionnam



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