Kavllea Kiteak Rodtai Darant - Mando

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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Kavllea Kiteak Rodtai Darant - Mando[बदल]

Why are you crowing, O Crow

Type: Mando Source: Sukhthanker, Vinayak Sadashiw. Literary form: Monologue / Narrative Translated by: Sukhthanker, Vinayak Sadashiw

Original Translation

Kaulya kityak rodtai daran?
Konui marit tuka faran.
Mojya potichi khobor adlyai tuvem taran!
Kaulyan recad maka dilo,
Mojo jeeu khusal jalo!
Rautam poticho mujya aikunc talo,
Mathyan malun zelo!
Mojo poti yetokuch gara,
Maka kapadan hadit bara
Tuka sagvadic tantyan ditam tera,
Kaulya mojya dera!
Kitlo temp hem dukh sonsum?
Sodanch mejun aslim disu,
Kaulya ugadasan tujea ditelim misu,
Voni tuji Konsu!
Mojo poti yetokuch jodun.
Novem ghor bandtelim modun,
Kaulya sodanch maguir yorê amguer udun,
Ghonter tujo sodun!
Kaulo noirê uddun guelo!
Mojo poti gara ailo,
Anim sukadukhacho abras rê dilo,
Polya tencoun polo!

Why are you cawing, O crow, perching on the door?
Someone may kill you by a gun-shot.
You have brought as if by telegram,
the happy news of my husband!
The crow has brought,
this felicitous message which has delighted my heart!
Eagerly I shall await now,
my dear husband´s voice.
Wearing a garland of flowers in my hair!
When my husband comes home,
I shall have sarees twelve
bought by him for me.
And then, I shall give you,
a present of eggs thirteen,
O, crow, dear brother-in-law of mine!
How long shall I suffer
Pangs of separation?
Sadly have I been counting the days!
O, crow, you will remembered,
when a Mass is given,
by this sister-in-law of yours, Consu!
When my husband comes home
with his earnings.
our house will be rebuilt bigger.
Then leaving your nest, you shall always fly here,
and stay with us as our guest!
The crow has flown away, of a sudden!
my husband has come home!
He gives me an embrace of joy and pain,
sweetly pressing his cheek on mine!


Goemche Mandde



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