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Note: As of April 2016, this is a proposed policy and has not been formally approved by the community. However, it is largely a codification of the existing situation on the Wikipedia, and is therefore the de facto policy.


In the Konkani Wikipedia, all scripts are considered equal; however, the Devanagari script is accorded the status of primus inter pares (first among equals), and only in situations where it is not possible to use multiple scripts, the Devanagari script shall be used.

Since all the content in the Konkani Wikipedia must be understandable by all editors, scripts for which automatic transliteration, either on Wikipedia or on a freely accessible external site, is not available, may not be used on the Konkani Wikipedia.


Konkani is written in five scripts: en:Devanagari, Roman, Kannada, Malayalam, and Perso-Arabic.[1] The Konkani Wikipedia was begun in the Wikimedia Incubator as a Latin script Wikipedia. In the course of time, Devanagari and Kannada script articles were also added. The development of the Wikipedia picked up pace when organisations like CIS-A2K, Goa University, Nirmala Institute of Education and Dalgado Konknni Akademi supported it. Goa University, in particular, encouraged the writing of articles in the Devanagari script, and the number of Devanagari articles eventually exceeded the number of Romi script articles. At the time of launching the Konkani Wikipedia in mid-2015, there were approximately 1000 pages in the Devanagari script, 700 in the Roman script, and 100 in the Kannada script.


We want the Konkani Wikipedia to be as inclusive as possible, and we would like to give all Konkani people the opportunity to contribute to the Konkani Wikipedia. We want the Konkani Wikipedia to reflect all the diversity and variety of the Konkani language. Therefore, we welcome all scripts in the Konkani Wikipedia. While the various Konkani dialects are orally understood by all Konkani speakers, not all people know all the scripts. However, as a matter of principle, all editors must be able to comprehend all the content of the Wikipedia. For this reason, only scripts that can be transliterated by a script converter can be used in the Konkani Wikipedia. There exists a project to develop a script converter for the Konkani Wikipedia, which, unfortunately is stalled. However, there is an external website, Konkanverter.com which can handle transliteration between the Devanagari, Romi and Kannada scripts.[note 1] Hence, only the Devanagari, Romi and Kannada scripts can be used in the Konkani Wikipedia.

We would like the Wikipedia to be accessible to everyone in the script they are comfortable in; hence, the content and the interface must be prepared in multiple scripts. Only in situations where we are forced to select only one script, that script is Devanagari. Consequently, the default script for the Konkani Wikipedia is Devanagari. This does not mean, however, that Devanagari must be chosen for every situation where only one script must be chosen, another script may be chosen instead of Devanagari.


  1. Incidentally, two of the persons involved in Konkanverter, Gurudath Bantwalkar and Hariprasad Nadig, were the first to propose a script converter at Wikimania Haifa 2011.


  1. Mother Tongue blues – Madhavi Sardesai

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