Ami Bhikari Khore - Dulpod

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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“Let’s keep the Goan tradition and culture alive, worldwide”[बदल]

Ami Bhikari Khore[बदल]

We are real beggars

Type: Dulpod

Source: Lourdinho Barreto. Goemchem Git. Pustok 1, p. 28

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Sarcastic comment on "marginals". Monologue

Translated by Lourenço de Noronha, Vienna, June 2005

Ami bhikari khore.

We are real beggars.

Rezra bore.

We beg hard,

Bhikreank tandull poddtai thodde.

(But) Beggars get little rice.

Tandullu amkam

Poddtai bore,

We get a lot of rice,

Moddgonvam voddllea gharam kodde.

At the big house in Margão.

Poddlo tandull,

The rice which we receive,

Sorea(c) khaile,

We use for palm and caju wine,

Bazrant Apkarekodde.

At the market pub (of Margão).

Poddlo poixe,

When money comes,

Potiant ghaile.

We put it in the pocket.

Kedo pottol choi amkodde.

See what a big purse we have.

Matear fottem,

Rag on the head,

Paiank zotem,

Slippers on the feet,

Bhikreank jevonn mett'a aitem.

A beggar gets food without working.

Hatant dhanddo,

With rod in the hand,

Hankeant ol'li,

A basket at the elbow,

Bhikreank tiksanni choddi.

The rage of a beggar is very harsh.


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