Ful Maillam Tallier - Dulpod

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
हुपून वचात: दिशा-नियंत्रण, सोद

“Let’s keep the Goan tradition and culture alive, worldwide”[बदल]

Ful Maillam Tallier[बदल]

With a flower on your head

Type: Dulpod

Source: Lourdinho Barreto. Goemchem Git. Pustok 2,

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Social Comment

Translated by: Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Ilhas, Goa, 26.05.2005

Ful maillam tallier,

With a flower on your head,

Cheddva tuka apoila mallier. (bis)

My girl, you are called upstairs.

Bhat gailam suroi,

We have sown raw rice,

Cheddva tuka zai toxem miroi. (bis)

My girl, have whatever fun you want.

Ho rupoi cholona,

This rupee is fake,

Cheddva tujem bendd go alona. (bis)

My girl, your waist is not swaying.

Ho rupoi khuim khotto,

It seems this rupee is false,

Cheddva tuzo kupar go mottho. (bis)

My girl, your lover is fat.

Chandnem udelam,

The moon has risen,

Cheddva tujim dhamp go zonelam. (bis)

My girl, shut your windows.


Dulpod Goenche



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