Fulola Fulancho Mollo - Dulpod

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
हुपून वचात: दिशा-नियंत्रण, सोद

“Let’s keep the Goan tradition and culture alive, worldwide”[बदल]

Fulola Fulancho Mollo[बदल]

A bunch of flowers has blossomed

Type: Dulpod

Source: J.A.A. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Album Cantarancho. Bogtavaddo, Chorão

Literary form: Socio-critical agitation

Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981

Fulola fulancho molló[19], (bis)

A bunch of flowers has blossomed,

Tachê vello cad'dunezo dolló. (bis)

We cannot remove our eyes from it.

Caiborelo bamunãlo choló,[20] (bis)

What a nice Brahmin boy,

Batantulea Joaquinac[21] buloló. (bis)

Who fell in love with Jacquin from the fields.


Dulpod Goenche



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