Kavllea Kiteak Rodtai Darant - Dulpod

विकिपीडिया कडल्यान
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Indian Crow
Kavllea Kiteak Rodtai Darant !

“Let’s keep the Goan tradition and culture alive, worldwide”[बदल]

Kavllea Kiteak Rodtai Darant[बदल]

You crow, why are you cawing near the door

Type: Dulpod

Source: Lourdinho Barreto. Goemchem Git. Pustok

Musical form: Binary

Literary form: Ethnological Aspects

Translated by: Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Ilhas, Goa, 27.05.2005

Kavllea kiteak rodtai darant,

You crow, why are you cawing near the door,

Konnui marit tuka faran.

Someone may shoot you.

Mhojea potichi khobor haddlea tor kavllea,

If you have brought me news of my husband you crow,

Uddon voch rê borean.

Fly out immediately.

Sokannim kavllo bhitor ailo,

In the morning the crow flew in.

Munxgar bosun roddunk laglo.

And started cawing from the drumstick tree,

Kavllo roddta mhunnosor mogacho poti,

As the crow was cawing, my beloved husband,

Ghara nhõi rê paulo.

Came home.

Poti ghara nhõi rê paulo,

As soon as my husband came home.

Mogach´ beigu mhaka dilo.

He gave me a loving kiss.

Ani dogancho amcho mogacho anvddo,

And these our yearnings of love,

Xekim mellon bhaglo.

Was eventually satisfied after our union.


Dulpod Goenche



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