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ह्या फळ्या वीशीं

Ho zaun asa Wikipediacho Tinto! Hangasor akhea somudaien Wikipedia vixim bhasabhas korunk zata.

हो जावन आसा विकिपीडियाचो टींटो! हांगासर आख्या समुदायेन विकिपीडिया विशीं भासाभास करुंक जाता।

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The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)

Mhojem 6 mhoineachem 'temporary' admin pod fattlea mhoinean somplam. Hanv anik vella khatir sysop pod magunk sodtam. Hanv 'permanent' toren sysop zaunk toiar asa. Hea babtint tumcho sohokar vo adkhol soloil borounchem.

My temporary adminship for 6 months ended last month. I would like to request for an extension of the same. I am also ready to take up permanent adminship. Please mention your support or objections in this regard at the bottom of this post.

Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Go for it. Will support anyone who can provide results... and offer content. Nice image on the Tinto!

The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)

Thank you for your support, Frederick Noronha.

I would just like to clarify that I'm only requesting for adminship in order to do regular administrative and housekeeping jobs like deleting useless and empty pages, editing and updating protected templates and pages, etc. There is no agenda or programme as such to provide results upon.

As for adding content, I don't need adminship to do that. One can add content just as a regular user. :)

"Mhojem sysop pod vadovpache" हाका जबाब दी
MediaWiki message delivery (चर्चायोगदान)

We are glad to inform that MediaWiki Training or MWT 2017 is going to be conducted between 24-26 February 2017 at Bangalore.

MWT is a residential training workshop that attempts to groom technical leadership skills among the Indian Wikimedia community members. We invite active Indian Wikimedia community members to participate in this workshop.

Please find details about this event here.

Let us know if you have any question.
Regards. -- Tito Dutta (CIS-A2K) sent using MediaWiki message delivery (उलयात) 08:55, 21 जानेवारी 2017 (IST)

Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Just to say I've taken part in this, though representing the English Wikipedia where I do most of my editing. ~~~~

Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Sorry for the wrong reporting: some mixup here!

I went for the TTT (training the trainers) workshop, not MediaWiki! Mea culpa.

"MediaWiki Training 2017: Invitation to participate" हाका जबाब दी
Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Soddhea, Inglishent, hanv hear artikleacher kaam kortam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancelot_Ribeiro

"Lancelot Ribeiro" हाका जबाब दी
Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Matso voh list polloiat: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_articles_every_Wikipedia_should_have

Hitunt chodshe mohotvache article assat. Tem bhasantor korunk mellta zalear chodd borem zatolem, hoshem maka dista.


Please see this list https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_articles_every_Wikipedia_should_have

It list the most important articles that a Wikipedia should have. If we could manage to translate some of these articles, I feel it would be a good step forward. ~~~~

"Article-achem list" हाका जबाब दी
Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

There are many articles on the English Wikipedia related to Goa.

Would it be possible to organise a translation-sprint of the suitable ones?


English Vikipediachear bhov Goenchea-visheacher article assat.

Tantunli thodim bhaxantor korunk zatolem?

[Please excluse my low-level Konkani]

"Translating articles from English /Inglishanlean bashantar" हाका जबाब दी
Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Mhaka dista ki voh fotu tinteak boro distolo:

Scene from a semi-rural market place at Saligao, Goa, India

Haven Wikipedia Commons-cher upload kela.

The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)

Dev borem korum Frederick. Hoi, ho Goycho fotu Eropachea fotukin chod sobta. Fokot Tinteachea fotun bhasabhas kortolo lok dislear anik borem zatelem. :)

Fredericknoronha (चर्चायोगदान)

Goenchem anik fotu tumka hangasor meao'tel'le:


Matshe zai poi teh vaprat. ~~~~

"Novo fotu" हाका जबाब दी
Titodutta (चर्चायोगदान)

Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy is organizing Konkani Lokotsav 2017, a literary cultural event on 10-12 February.

The Academy has decided to set up a Konkani Wikipedia stall to promote the project. If you are in and around Managalore, please join the event as a volunteer.

Please see the event page here: m:Konkani_Lokotsav_2017

If you have any question, please let us know.


"Konkani Lokotsav 2017: Invitation to join" हाका जबाब दी
RAyyakkannu (WMF) (चर्चायोगदान)


On behalf of Wikimedia Foundation’s Global Reach Team, we would like to invite all the South Asian Wikimedia communities to our office hours to discuss our work in the region.

Meeting Details

Date: Thursday, 19th January 2017

Time: 16:00 UTC/21:30 IST

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

Google Hangout Location:


If you are not able to join the hangout, you can watch the live stream with a few seconds lag at


Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Global_Reach_South_Asia_Office_Hours


  • Introduction of Global Reach Team and office hours
  • Research around New Readers and our partnership themes
  • Feedback for next office hours
  • Q&A

We plan to hold these office hours at regular intervals. FYI, office hours for South East Asia and Central Asia/Eastern Europe will be held separately; given the size of communities, we needed to break down the regions.

Please feel free to add your questions, comments, and expectations in the Etherpad document shared above. You can also reach out to sgupta@wikimedia.org and rayyakkannu@wikimedia.org for any clarification. Please help us translate and share this invitation in community social media channels to spread the word.


Ravishankar Ayyakkannu, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Asia, Wikimedia Foundation --~~~~~

RAyyakkannu (WMF) (चर्चायोगदान)

We thank everyone for participating in the Office hours with WMF's Global Reach team. Meeting notes can be found here. You can also watch the YouTube recording here. --Ravishankar Ayyakkannu, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Asia, Wikimedia Foundation. 15:45, 1 फेब्रुवारी 2017 (IST)

"Invitation for Office Hours with WMF's Global Reach team" हाका जबाब दी
MediaWiki message delivery (चर्चायोगदान)
Sorry for writing in English, please translate this message to your language, if possible

It gives us great pleasure to inform that the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) 2017 programme organised by CIS-A2K is going to be held from 20-22 February 2017.

What is TTT?
Train the Trainer or TTT is a residential training program. The program attempts to groom leadership skills among the Indian Wikimedia community members. Earlier TTT have been conducted in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Who should join?

  • Any active Wikimedian contributing to any Indic language Wikimedia project is eligible to apply.
  • An editor must have 500+ edits.
  • Anyone who have already participated in an earlier iteration of TTT, can not apply.

Please see more about this program and apply to participate or encourage the deserving candidates from your community to do so: CIS-A2K/Events/Train the Trainer Program/2017

If you have any question, please let us know.
Regards. Tito Dutta (CIS-A2K) sent using MediaWiki message delivery (उलयात) 11:05, 18 जानेवारी 2017 (IST)

"Train-the-Trainer 2017: Invitation to participate" हाका जबाब दी
MediaWiki message delivery (चर्चायोगदान)

CIS-A2K has published their newsletter for the months of October 2016. The edition includes details about these topics:

  • Blog post Wikipedia Asian Month — 2016 iteration starts on 1 November — a revisit
  • Program report: Impact Report form for the Annual Program Grant
  • Program report: Kannada Wikipedia Education Program at Christ university: Work so far
  • Article: What Indian Language Wikipedias can do for Greater Open Access in India
  • Article: What Indian Language Wikipedias can do for Greater Open Access in India
  • . . . and more

Please read the complete newsletter here. --MediaWiki message delivery (उलयात) 10:48, 21 नोव्हेंबर 2016 (IST)
If you want to subscribe/unsubscribe this newsletter, click here.

"CIS-A2K Newsletter October 2016" हाका जबाब दी
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