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As you may already know, the 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees elections are from 4 August 2021 to 17 August 2021. Members of the Wikimedia community have the opportunity to elect four candidates to a three-year term. After a three-week-long Call for Candidates, there are 20 candidates for the 2021 election.

An event for community members to know and interact with the candidates is being organized. During the event, the candidates will briefly introduce themselves and then answer questions from community members. The event details are as follows:

  • Bangladesh: 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • India & Sri Lanka: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Nepal: 4:15 pm to 6:45 pm
  • Pakistan & Maldives: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Live interpretation is being provided in Hindi.
  • Please register using this form

For more details, please visit the event page at Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/Meetings/South Asia + ESEAP.

Hope that you are able to join us, KCVelaga (WMF), 12:02, 23 जुलय 2021 (IST)

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KCVelaga (WMF) (चर्चायोगदान)

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is organizing a call for feedback about community selection processes between February 1 and March 14. While the Wikimedia Foundation and the movement have grown about five times in the past ten years, the Board’s structure and processes have remained basically the same. As the Board is designed today, we have a problem of capacity, performance, and lack of representation of the movement’s diversity. Our current processes to select individual volunteer and affiliate seats have some limitations. Direct elections tend to favor candidates from the leading language communities, regardless of how relevant their skills and experience might be in serving as a Board member, or contributing to the ability of the Board to perform its specific responsibilities. It is also a fact that the current processes have favored volunteers from North America and Western Europe. As a matter of fact, there had only been one member who served on the Board, from South Asia, in more than fifteen years of history.

In the upcoming months, we need to renew three community seats and appoint three more community members in the new seats. This call for feedback is to see what processes can we all collaboratively design to promote and choose candidates that represent our movement and are prepared with the experience, skills, and insight to perform as trustees? In this regard, it would be good to have a community discussion to discuss the proposed ideas and share our thoughts, give feedback and contribute to the process. Following my email discussion with Fredericknoronha, I will be hosting a meeting at 7 pm (IST) on later today i.e 13 February 2021. It would be awesome to have your participation. The meeting link to join is https://meet.google.com/uff-qtdf-ftv. Let me know if you have any questions.

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ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ (चर्चायोगदान)

Namaskaru, thanks for becoming active here again. I saw that you created bold sections in this page गोंयचे पारंपारीक वेवसाय. Having headings in bold is against Wikipedia Manual of style, since the headings are already in bigger font. We have been standardizing it across Konkani Wikipedia pages to create a uniform look.

Are you willing to translate or transliterate articles? Frederick Noronha sir has brought together some volunteers and they need some content to work on.

Darshan kandolkar (चर्चायोगदान)

हय हांव संपादन करपाक तयार आसा। देव बरें करुं।

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The Discoverer (चर्चायोगदान)
"Adminship request" हाका जबाब दी
Stryn (चर्चायोगदान)
Hello, the temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Just to let you know that If you want it back, feel free to make a local announcement and open a new request on stewards' permission request page on Meta-Wiki later. Moreover, if you think the community is big enough to elect a permanent administrator, you can place a local request here for a permanent adminship, so stewards can grant you the permanent access. Please ask me or any other steward if you have any questions. Thank you! --~~~~
Darshan kandolkar (चर्चायोगदान)
Stryn (चर्चायोगदान)

Please read my message above.

Darshan kandolkar (चर्चायोगदान)
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